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We Protect Your Rights During Separation And Divorce

A Maryland marriage may be ended by the parties by going to court to obtain a divorce. Two types of divorces are available in Maryland: an absolute divorce and a limited divorce. An absolute divorce is final, addresses all property claims, child access and support issues, including child support and alimony. An absolute divorce permits the parties to remarry.

A limited divorce legalizes a separation and provides for support.

An absolute divorce may be granted if certain grounds are proven. The grounds for an absolute divorce include a continuous one-year period of separation, adultery, desertion, some criminal convictions, insanity, and cruel treatment or excessively vicious conduct against the party seeking an end to the marriage, with no reasonable expectation of reconciliation.

In both absolute and limited divorce actions, issues of child support and alimony are often addressed and can be quite complicated. In absolute divorce actions, unless the parties can reach an agreement, issues surrounding the division of marital property are resolved by the court. These can include the sale of real estate and personal property, the division of retirement benefits including 401(k) plans, IRAs and other pension plans, as well as questions concerning the ownership of small businesses, including family-owned businesses.

If the parties are amenable and able to reach an agreement, a legal separation or settlement agreement is recommended and can serve as the basis for an uncontested divorce. At Long Badger & Sheller LLP, our attorneys are available to assist you through this difficult process and protect your interests and rights.

If an agreement cannot be reached, our attorneys have the trial experience necessary to assist you in achieving a favorable outcome.

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