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We Handle The Full Range Of Business Law Issues

At Long Badger & Sheller LLP, we provide a wide variety of services to our Maryland business clients. We represent small and large businesses, and we serve each of our clients with dedication and integrity. Our business law attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in virtually every area of business and real estate. Contact Long Badger & Sheller LLP today to discuss your needs and goals with an effective Maryland business attorney.

We represent clients who need assistance with forming a business, such as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability partnership (LLP), a limited liability company (LLC), a C corporation or an S corporation (incorporation). We handle the preparation of all related documents, such as articles of incorporation, partnership agreements and operating agreements/member agreements. Our lawyers also help clients draft and interpret contracts.

In addition, we have broad experience in banking law, which allows us to represent the interests of our clients who are undertaking major business transactions.

Business Litigation

We have extensive experience in pursuing and defending a wide range of commercial litigation and contract disputes for all of our clients’ needs. We handle disputes involving real estate as well, including construction litigation and mechanic’s lien law. We provide thorough legal services to prepare and present our clients’ cases in the strongest manner possible and are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of legal integrity.

At Long Badger & Sheller LLP, we dedicate ourselves to providing quality, down-to-earth service for each client. We comfort our clients by committing ourselves to giving the best legal service we can, keeping them informed about their options and their best course of action. If you need an experienced lawyer to dedicate time and energy to your case, contact Long Badger & Sheller LLP. today for an initial consultation (initial consultations for personal injury cases are free).