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Custody And Visitation

One of the most difficult issues in divorce is determining child custody and support. If the parents cannot agree on issues involving child custody, then a court must decide. A successful outcome in a child custody dispute depends on the facts that are admissible evidence in a court proceeding. The court will weigh several factors to determine what is in the child’s or children’s “best interest.”

It is difficult to create an exhaustive list of all factors that would be considered in determining child custody. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to identify the most important factors for determining child custody in any one case. Maryland case law has highlighted several factors that are routinely considered by the courts:

  1. The character and fitness, including the reputation, of the parents
  2. The wishes of the biological parents and any agreements that may have been reached between the parents
  3. The capacity of parents to communicate and reach shared decisions affecting the child’s welfare
  4. The willingness of the parents to share custody
  5. The established relationships between the child and each parent
  6. The child’s preference, if the child is sufficiently mature to form a reasoned judgment
  7. Material opportunities that may impact the child in the future
  8. The location and quality of the residences of the parents

Child custody determinations are complicated and the guidance of an experienced family law lawyer who knows what evidence is admissible, and how to get that evidence admitted at trial, is critical to resolving disputes over child custody.

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