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Child Support That Is In Your Child’s Best Interest

Raising children is expensive but determining the actual cost and dividing it between the parents can be a challenge. As you decide what the next stage of your life will look like without seeing your children every day and without the daily contributions of a spouse, it’s important to consider how you can continue supporting your children and keeping their lives stable.

With over 45 years of experience, Long Badger & Sheller LLP is recognized throughout Salisbury as a firm that offers compassionate, knowledgeable guidance through complicated family law issues. We can help you assess your situation and determine what’s most important so you can make informed confident decisions.

How The Law Can Apply To You

In 2010, Maryland adopted new child support guidelines, derived from a formula based on the proportion of each parent’s income, custody agreements, any special needs of the children and other complex factors. In addition, the court may consider the income of the parents, the cost of health insurance, and any other work-related or other child care costs. If there is an existing child support order and there is a material change in circumstances, the court can modify the original order to raise or lower child support payments.

Our attorneys will help you understand what factors apply to you and your situation and help ensure that you and your child’s rights are protected.

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We are here to offer you guidance when you need and advocacy to ensure your needs are heard. To speak with an experienced child support attorney, contact Long Badger & Sheller LLP today. Call +1-410-749-2356 for assistance or contact us by email.